Microsoft Support

Think about that name.  Micro meaning smaller than your concept of small and soft meaning – erm…not hard.  Sounds almost feminine, doesn’t it?  It sounds like something a woman would welcome and nurture.  We women are all about nurturing.  Unfortunately, Microsoft support is anything but nurturing.  Microsoft support wouldn’t qualify as a jock strap in a soccer game.  Microsoft is anything but supportive.

I started this blog questioning Bill Gates’ manhood (I mean really – a young man naming a product micro (tiny, very tiny) and soft (not hard) but I thought I would take a higher path).  (Slipped there a tad, didn’t I?)  Microsoft suggests they have support available but when called upon to prove it, cave like a down pillow covering a manhole.  You know that last step was soft – and you know you are falling, you just can’t believe someone would try to  fool you that badly!

Microsoft will fool you.  Apple is getting a lot of bad press lately for planned obsolescence and so it should be, but Microsoft has planned to screw you all along and that is hard to forgive.  You know walking into the store that Apple will cost you so you turn around and go seek the supposedly safe Microsoft harbour.  Bad move.  It’s not just the hotmail I lost (but I admit it is mostly that) it is all the stupid programs I had to pay for, all the updates and upgrades that eventually cost, all the nonsense recently about “we are changing this to a new program that even kiddygaters will understand”.  It is about Microsoft making our decisions for us.  Cause – hey, wow -we’re too stupid to know what we want.  Right?  Wrong.

I want to keep the programs I have, Microsoft – I like the way I have my computer set up but we all know that it will crash and burn eventually.  I am not at all looking forward to a new computer because I know it will insult me with it’s simplicity.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind computers getting easier to operate; I take mega exception to a program that treats me like an idiot and suggests I should let my fingers do the walking.  That is a very old concept – shame on Microsoft for suggesting it is new!

My next computer will be a Mac.  I figure I might as well switch horses and get newly abused.  I am 15 years tired of Microsoft abuse – and losing my hotmail account ices the cake. 

Don’t let Microsoft protect you against yourself!  Don’t let Microdick run your computer experience,  break free and try something else.  We can be a tad sheepish following what we know.  Understand you don’t know Microsoft and they don’t care to know you! They want your money not your patronage.  If they actually wanted YOU – they would put more effort into their customer service.  They would court you, they would respect you and they would make sure your Microsoft experience was a pleasant one!  Ya know what?

There are Hollywood street hookers with a better sense of customer satisfaction.  Shame, shame Microdick – shame shame!


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I am into weird and scary films. I am not into weird and scary real life. And I don't do taxidermy.

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