Dorner – More monsters looming?

I’ve been watching CNN’s coverage of the Dorner fiasco.  The jurisdictional pissing contest between LAPD and San Bernadino was incomprehensible.  Burning Dorner out of someone else’s home and property,  unimaginable.  I don’t think anyone following this drama believed it would end with Dorner’s capture – he was not going to be taken alive and law enforcement had no intention of taking him alive.  Oh, they may say differently, especially those mouthpieces suggesting they wanted to question him as to accomplices or motive, but we all know that just isn’t true.  We know he had no one helping him because he died painfully and desperately alone.  We knew  that we would hear that his cell phone was tracked for a brief few moments that afternoon – I hope that call meant something.  I am not defending him, if you’ve read any of my Dorner posts, I said he should be cut down like the rabid animal he was.  In retrospect – perhaps a tad harsh, but this was no Rambo or Terminator movie, this was real people dying.  People that did not see him coming and had nothing to do with the complaints he documented through his infamous Manifesto.  His were cowardly and unforgivable acts.  He deserved to die.  He had entire local, regional, state and national forces trying to kill him.  And they did.

It’s the way they killed him that slightly encourages moral outrage.  It’s only a tickle, a mere breeze of discomfort, but it’s there.  It’s that vicious, almost hysterical voice screaming “burn it…burn it down…burn it! Fucking burn this motherfucker…” that makes some tiny part of any moral conscious wonder when the inmates started running the asylum.  CNN is not playing that tape much, but enough so that any right thinking person is chilled and rightly so.  I am glad they followed it up with that measured voice calling to “go ahead with the burners”,  “go forward with the plan with the burner” , “like we talked about”.  And then  “we have a fire”.  There are a number of other exchanges, we’re told fire fighters are on hand and then “hold your discipline!”  One can only guess that is in response to that gleeful, maniacal voice screaming “burn that fucking house down!”  The rest of the tape is what you would expect from professionals doing their job; reporting on life and death with the detachment that must come from many years of serving an ingracious, needy and dangerous public.  But that one voice – that one triumphant, horrible cry to burn that fucker down gives slight and bitter insight into the type of organization that bred this monster to begin with.

There is no defense of Dorner.  It would seem his family cut ties with him long ago, no one steps forward to speak for him there.  The one friend that would comment lost for words, and rightly so.  There is nothing good to be said about a man who would so indifferently end the lives of others.  Innocents in his proclaimed war against real or imagined enemies; they were what some general on some far off battleground would proclaim as collateral damage.  The pain to those families is anything but collateral and measures far more deeply in the moral scheme of things than Christopher Dorner’s death. Most would say he got what he asked for.  I would too….except that one strident voice screaming “burn it, burn that fucker down” disturbs and frightens me.  I know that anyone dealing with the threat of Dorner would rightly  claim anyone has a breaking point  – adreneline rushed and under fire, fearing they may not make it home to their families, even cops can give way to that gritty, horrid need for revenge and atonement.  I just wish he hadn’t sounded so righteous, so gleeful…so evil.


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