RIP Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33

And somehow now we see this goofy shuffle of civilians that Dorner left unharmed.  And I see where some of you, misinformed and hero-worshipping as you are, might believe that there was some way to save this man; someway to help him fight his fight; some Don Quixote moment you and he might share.  Part of me, some tiny part of ME… identifies with that.  Some miniscule part of what may be my soul  grieves for Dorner, grieves for the “just” part of Christopher that died long before he found himself surrounded, under heavy fire and possibly wishing his phone would ring – one tiny moment of humanity for Christopher before humanity ended.  It’s painful.  It should be.
For all of us that insist that the POLICE are off limits – that you cannot – you MUST NOT attack that which holds us safe, that which stands guard and allows us to sleep safely, that which is society and by that, it’s anchor – for all of us – we must hold firm and strong our belief.  Or we are lost in the tumult that is this story.  I am so torn by the pain of this that I cannot on any one day or the next explain how I feel.  I know I feel.  I will not say this is Christopher’s legacy – because Christopher’s legacy is one of murder and pain.  That is the legacy that will endure – Christopher’s death will soon be forgotten in the wake of some new gun horror.  The families of the victims will remain to grieve; remain to note and notice their loss until they themselves are lost .  There are no words that can equate one loss to another.  Especially when one sad, desperate loss is only noted by ragged elements that would happily overthrow all that we hold dear.  And yes – I heard Christopher’s family finally reached out and apologised to us all.
I hope they apologised to him.  I hope in those mean, final horrible moments Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33..found some peace.
I started this piece in support of your local police department…


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I am into weird and scary films. I am not into weird and scary real life. And I don't do taxidermy.

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