The Aftermath

I watched CNN’s 360 “special” coverage of the death of a cop killer; Anderson Cooper’s conspicuous absence puzzled me – when it says 360, you expect Cooper.  Perhaps Anderson is tucking his head beneath his wing, he knows this bird don’t fly!  His obsequious interview with LAPD was so lacking punch it was surprising. We expect Cooper to ask the hard questions, to “keep them honest” and it just didn’t happen. The story has come to its expected conclusion, no thinking person would have expected the arrest of Chris Dorner, that just wasn’t in the cards. No one seems to want to speak for Chris, perhaps they feel he spoke for himself through the lengthy journal he posted on Facebook. I am not at all sure that tells the true story of what drove Christopher Jordan Dorner to murder. Oh, he documented his downfall and he certainly pointed fingers at those he felt brought about his fall from grace. The strange thing is, he didn’t kill any of them. It would appear he didn’t get anywhere close to them and didn’t attempt to. This was a case of much ado about something else. I truly believe Chris started something he could not handle and once that fire started burning it was as all fire is, uncontrollable.

Chris had a thing for Monica Quan.  I think this is what sparked all that transpired. If anyone really wants to find out why, this part of the equation must be considered. It is more than possible they met, it is likely.  She was the daughter of Randal Quan, the LAPD police captain that represented Dorner in his appeal to recover his job. She was beautiful, athletic, intelligent; it is does not take much to speculate he was attracted to her. If we accept the possibility as a given, the whole series of events starts to make a little more sense.

I think her engagement four days before her murder pushed Christopher Dorner over the edge into hated cop killer.  I don’t think the LAPD will disclose that, they don’t care. They are in the process of standing down from a threat that may never have been. I know that sounds harsh but please take the time to mull over what exactly happened. He did not kill any of the principles he named in his journal. He went after the beautiful Monica Quan instead. Her fiancee, Keith Lawrence may have been a target as well or just could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chris Dorner knew that once he decided if he couldn’t have Monica, no one could – it was on.  The lack of bodies left strewn in his wake should tell everyone that his heart just wasn’t in it.  Or that it was his heart that got him into it to begin with.  He killed four people; Monica Kwan, safety officer Keith Lawrence, and two police officers in separate skirmishes. He did not march into the heart of any LAPD station and start shooting, he tried to hijack a boat and head to Mexico.  That didn’t work, so he headed north.  I was expecting a run at the Canadian border.  Once he started this, there was no hope for him and the world knew it.  Christopher just couldn’t be honest and I am guessing it was because he knew that his unrequited love was just that, and that realization set this drama in motion. Add that to all the frustration of losing his naval affiliations and losing his job as a police officer in 2008 (albeit five years ago) and the powder keg was aflame.  His “manifesto” was probably a diary of sorts. The threats were there, the language menacing enough but his actions spoke far louder than his words.  There was really only one target; the other victims in this case were opportunistic, he did not seek out these altercations. He dealt with them as they arose, but his objective was to get out of the city and disappear. Of course I can’t be sure of any of this, but I would venture to guess – had Chris managed to steal that boat, we may never have heard from him again. The manhunt would have continued but he would not have been anywhere near it. He wanted to go to Mexico and possibly even further south.

I am hugely curious as to whether some amphetamines were involved here, but his crisp demise might leave that unanswered.  There will be many questions unanswered; the LAPD is in control of all information now and no one but a group of tattered remnants speak for him.  They shout volumes as to his manifesto and the accusations therein, but I suspect his few friends and family will quietly agree with my estimation of this horrific series of events.

Any man can be pushed beyond reason. Christopher Dorner was in love, realized it wasn’t ever going to happen and lost it.  And in that one unforgettable, unforgivable moment – he destroyed the one thing in the world that he loved; fiercely loved. He knew she was lost to him.   His career gone, his family estranged – he felt he had nothing left to live for and rather than commit suicide he thought he would revisit injustices of the past and justify the killing of the woman he loved.  He would threaten the police world that had so ground him up and spit him out, he would strike back against all the pain.  The engagement was the ultimate betrayal for Chris, it was the end of hope on a dark, hopeless trail.  It was the stressor that broke whatever resolve he maintained; this was a man and a moment in time and a thing called losing it.  Once lost there was no going back.  Chris needed to validate his actions and thought going out like Rambo, fighting the good fight, challenging those that he felt had demeaned him, well – that was the plan.  I firmly believe he changed his mind and had every intention of running for whatever border he could get to.  Bad luck he was such a bad driver.  Or he had come to terms with what he had done, realized he couldn’t live with it and decided he might as well make the stand he threatened to make.  The fact that his cell phone came on for a short time that fateful day tells us Chris needed to make amends with someone; that cell phone call will forever be Chris Dorner’s outstretched hand.

For those that would dispute this (especially the LAPD that would continue to ignore the obvious), please remember the body count here.  No civilians, 3 cops and one beautiful, young, recently engaged woman.  Serial killers rack up far bigger scores, spree killers and mass murderers well -we’ve seen those body counts; Christopher Jordan Dorner: 4.  A couple of injuries aside, he wasn’t really trying to take out the LAPD police force.  If he wasn’t on any type of drugs, adrenaline forced him into the second and third shootings and self-preservation accounted for the fourth and fifth.  And then there was the no choice option, surrounded by no end of law enforcement, helicopters buzzing overhead and the threat of burning to death licking at the last vestige of sanity.

For you that thought he was fighting some type of war; for those of you that thought he was a hero righting racial wrongs; for those of you that felt he might have been framed  and scapegoated – I’m sorry to disappoint.  Christopher Dorner was just a man in love.  A man bent and humbled by the impossibility of his dreams.  A man crushed by a tiny, velvet fist – the one wrapped round his heart, the one that stole his breath and made him see no tomorrows without her.  I’ve been in Chris’ shoes – we all have. 

We just never tried to set the world aflame with our pain.



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