An open letter to Neopets and JumpStart.

I’ve been a member of Neopets for 14 years.  I’ve been a Premium member for the last eight years.  I love Neopets.

Since the sale to JumpStart the site has been glitched, laggy and unusable. Since they started fixing it, it has gotten even worse.  There is little to no communication – the occational “we’re taking the site down” leads to inevitable optimism and crushing disappointment.  What little follow up there is is usually an “oops” or a “here take this and forget about all the rest” (bribes). There is speculation you have hardware issues – I certainly hope that’s been taken into account.  There is also speculation that’s it’s not your fault – Viacom made it so.  They patched and ignored and just let the site go.  The problem with that is, under Viacom the site was never like this. Let’s just clarify that – the site has NEVER been as bad as it is now under any previous ownership.

What does that say about JumpStart? It would appear they don’t care – they are keeping themselves arms length from Neopets.  There isn’t even a Neopets link on the JS page. It would appear that if Neopet’s ship goes down, JumpStart won’t be there to throw life preservers. I’m guessing they value their reputation and will not associate it with the angry mob that has become what’s left of Neopets.  I can’t say I blame them except – they own the place!  That is kinda like standing on the outside, watching your house burn and not lifting a finger to dial 911. That is indeed a picture of someone that does not care.

Where does that leave Neopets?  Apparently with less staff than they had under Viacom and no abilities to apply patches that worked before.  They say they are working on it, but what proof do we have?  Every time they take the site down to fix it, it comes up glitchier, laggier – worse than it was before.  Neopets users are certainly not benefitting from these down times, but we’re not getting much done when the site’s supposedly up either – so we’re kinda stuck between an uncaring JumpStart and an incompetent Neopets.

I’d say pull your Premium dollar but that would be giving up.  I’m not quite there yet.  Hordes of people cancelling Premium will sound Neopets death knell. And money is the least of my contributions to Neopets; my time is worth more, the efforts I’ve put into my account mean much more than the seven dollars a month I pay for Premium.

I’d say boycott the site – but that’s pointless.  No one can get on the site, so our absence would not even be noticed let alone have any impact.

I’d say submit a letter to the Editor describing what you are going through and asking why it’s neccessary, but we all know that the editorial is only for occational good ideas and happy thoughts.  You won’t get a meaty complaint passed that editor, trust me.

I’d say give up, but if you’re like me – that’s not an option.  Neo is as much a part of my life as my real life pets, family and friends.  I love my pets, I love the site and I do not regret the time I have spent there.  It is an oasis to most of us, a pleasant respite from a crazy, unpredictable world.  So no, I can’t say quit.

What I will say is MAKE SOME NOISE!  Get on Neopets page and tell them fix it or get someone who can.  Get on JumpStart’s page and tell them to start caring or sell the site before they run it so far into the ground no one will want it.

That’s all we can do.  Hopefully it will be enough to grab someone’s attention. We’ve been patient.  We even laughed about the bribe not being programmed properly and glitching multiple rewards for some while others got nothing. We applauded down time because we hoped it would lead to a better site.  We’ve stood by and listened to what little anyone will say. And we have nothing to show for it.  Making some noise will (if nothing else) make you feel that you  weren’t just standing on the outside watching Neo burn.

If all you end up taking off this site is the knowledge that you fought to keep it alive, that’s something!

Make some noise!


About crystalglimmer

I am into weird and scary films. I am not into weird and scary real life. And I don't do taxidermy.

One response to “An open letter to Neopets and JumpStart.”

  1. Nicole says :

    Hear hear, very well written!
    Let’s make some noise!
    *intert crazy techo here*

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