Crackpot versus melting pot

Trump’s recent Rochester encounter with one of his avid supporters really says it all. It’s out there and maybe this will be the wake up call that many of his well-meaning followers need.  Idolizing a man like Trump is tantamount to paving the way for another fanatical dictator to grace our world stage. He wants to build a great wall to protect us from wild, rampaging hordes of rapists and murderers that run amok on the other side. Problem with that is, he’s sealing most of them up inside the wall – most violent crimes are committed on Americans by Americans. And he’s sealing you in there with them. He wants to round up 11 million people, likely shove them in cattle cars and shuffle them back to Mexico whether they are from there or not. Does that not ring any faint bells for people? He wants to bomb another country into oblivion despite the millions of innocent civilians that live there. He’s demeaning to women, insulting to his colleagues and childish in the extreme. His judgement is so skewed that he does not realize or appreciate any boundaries; all is fair game to the Trump campaign. Losers need not apply. Rednecks welcome.  He appears to have no shame, no moral compass and a Messiah like persona that seems to want to be all things to all people; but like a chameleon, changes his colors to suit his situation.  He’s brash to the point of bullying and lacks the maturity we hope to coax out of our sixteen year old boys.  His speeches are full of hateful rhetoric and self-love. His spokespeople are aggressive little robots that bark very loudly and fight very hard for their leader. Some of them actually speak better for the Trump cause then he does, it’s unfortunate there are so few of them and the shrill, rash fanatics better represent his following.  The consequences of a Trump presidency are staggering.

Trump’s camp fronts a stony silence. They maintain he did not hear the comment but he laughed and shouted  “We need this question, This is the first question”.  Perhaps he did not mean to hear the question?  Perhaps we should prepare for a full Evangelical display of apology and repentance?  Or will he come out swinging? Lie, lie, lie.  Deny, deny, deny.  Accuse, misdirect and above all blame the Mexicans. Only time will tell.

Let your conscience be your guide. I much prefer Bush’s melting pot approach.


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I am into weird and scary films. I am not into weird and scary real life. And I don't do taxidermy.

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