Samsung Has Lost it’s Honor!

There was a time when quality mattered and a warranty meant the maker’s personal guarantee was included with the merchandise they sold. We know that time has mostly passed.

That’s why there are laws! Plenty of them. So imagine my surprise when Samsung told me they weren’t going to cover my shoddily made $3000 SUHD TV when the plug fell out of the back of the TV. FELL out. It was not pulled or touched, hubby walked to the window that happened to be close to the TV and thunk! there’s the TV end of the cord still hanging out of the wall but unattached to the TV. An obvious manufacturer’s defect. I was hooking it up so I did not see/feel the cord hubby plugged in. He thought – “well that’s loose, I’ll have to tape that.” Tape that? Brand new TV? I think not. BUT we are in the middle of nowhere with a smallish vehicle – getting it back to have it dealt with looked more overwhelming than a loose cord. Wrong! And it’s NOT just the loose cord, everyone knows that, right?

It’s about quality. And it’s about nerve!  Samsung through Amazon (and every small dealer everywhere!) under the bus so quickly it is better classified as a hit and run. Amazon takes the hit and Samsung runs off with my money.  Don’t get me wrong – if Amazon shouldn’t be selling electronics because it voids the warranty – AMAZON SHOULDN’T BE SELLING ELECTRONICS CAUSE IT VOIDS THE WARRANTY!  And that would be the end of it except – Amazon didn’t sell me the TV – a small business dealer did. Amazon just facilitated the sale. But if the manufacturer’s see this as a loop-hole (and evidently Samsung does) then get prepared for a wave of unhappy people because Samsung is incapable of producing a decent product! And they are incapable of taking responsibility for it. They pretty much said – too bad, so sad, not OUR problem. But it is. And YOUR problem is now my problem.I don’t like problems. I like people passing bucks even less.

When I contacted them – I was told, no – you bought it on Amazon, case closed. When I called I was put on hold for 20 minutes and told the same thing – Amazon? Case closed. They didn’t even care that the cord fell out of my TV. THAT’S IT! Right there! They didn’t care they made such a bad product, didn’t even consider that that should be looked in to. They just said: “It’s on Amazon” (or Ebay, or Kijiji or Wayfair,etc) . Told the same thing to the BBB. And they are saying it to you!

They are saying WE DON’T CARE!!! And they mean it. DON’T buy Samsung products! Phones, TVs, stereos – they don’t care if they work or not. They don’t care about their reputation and they don’t care about YOU!  It’s obvious they care about the money – they must be in business for some reason. They just don’t care about a quality product nor do they care whether they have a satisfied customer or a deeply disappointed one; apparently it’s all the same to them. This is not your father’s Samsung anymore. A company with honor, foresight and standards like in the good old days. This is Samsung 2017 – I GOT MINE!!

Do yourself a favour and pass on them! Go for the LG instead. My choice came down to LG or Samsung. Want a laugh? I went with the Samsung cause I thought they had a better rep! Not only is their reputation bad (check it out) they don’t care. I cannot stress that enough!

Find someone who cares! Buy your products from people who want you coming back and don’t dive behind convenient skirts because they can. Don’t buy from cowards!


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I am into weird and scary films. I am not into weird and scary real life. And I don't do taxidermy.

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