Samsung will NOT honor warranties on Ebay, Amazon or any online market place.

Stay away from online market places! I bought a brand NEW Samsung $3000.00 SUHD TV with a faulty power cord/assembly. The cord falls out! Samsung refuses to honor the warranty because I bought it on Amazon. Won’t even discuss it! It may be JUST a matter of a decent cord but they do not care. There are a lot of Samsungs being sold there and on Ebay and apparently NONE of them are being LEGALLY sold because being sold there (Amazon, Ebay, Kijiji) VOIDS THE WARRANTIES. I bought a 5 year warranty thru Amazon as well – they won’t touch this because it’s an obvious manufacturer’s defect. I lose twice!

Samsung does not care about their reputation. They do NOT stand behind their product – they dived behind “you bought it on Amazon – no warranty for you!” in a heartbeat! By doing so they throw Amazon (and Ebay and Kijiji, etc) under the bus! That means they throw YOU under the bus, too. If your store uses Amazon as a shop front (and I know you are out there) and you honestly feel you have the right to sell a product, you had better check to make sure you CAN! Don’t leave your customers left holding this nasty little bag of worms!. And if buying my TV from Amazon voided my warranty – THEY SHOULDN’T BE SELLING THE PRODUCT! Neither can you – not through them!

This is big news! Pass it on! Don’t buy Samsung – they don’t stand behind their product. Imagine jumping behind what is a technicality when you sell a shoddy product! The power cord falls out if someone walks past the TV- it should never have passed inspection. They don’t care! They don’t care I paid $3000.00!


I should have bought an LG, it came down to the two brand names. Don’t make my mistake. Check around – Samsung has a bleak record of non-existent customer service and faulty, shoddy merchandise. Don’t buy the hype of yesterday’s reputation; today’s reality is that they just don’t give a damn!


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